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Quarantini & Paint Night

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Thursdays from 8-10PM EST
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Bored at home during quarantine? Join me for a virtual Quarantini and Paint Night! I provide a list of materials you can pick up via curbside at Michaels or any other convenient art supply store, and we will work through different Painting 101 topics!


Classes will take place Thursday evenings from 8-10PM EST via Zoom. Upon purchase of your class pass, you'll be given access to the zoom meeting link.

This course requires oil paints. Future courses may use acrylics or watercolor upon request. 

Class Materials

  • Canvas: You are free to choose what size canvas you work on. For this two hour course, I suggest a 8x10 inch or 11 x 14 inch canvas. Consider a gallery depth canvas (deeper profile) for a professional finish.

  • Brushes: At least five oil painting or acrylic brushes in varying sizes (absolute minimum). If you don't have any oil painting brushes, go ahead and buy a set. If you have brushes already, make sure you have: flat and angle brushes in multiple sizes.

  • Paint: You will need the following colors  in oil or acrylic paints (hues are fine)- Titanium White, Primary/Lemon Yellow, Cadmium Yellow Deep or Medium, Cadmium Red Deep, Alizarin Crimson, Manganese Blue, Ultramarine Blue. The 200mL tubes are fine and will last longer than this one session! I try to stick to Winsor and Newton, Gamblin, or Georgian for oils, and Golden, Liquitex and Utrecht for acrylics. However, if you have some of these at home already from another brand you can use what you have!

  • Medium: For oils Galkyd or a set of mediums. Galkyd is a drying medium to help the paint dry faster (oils can take FOREVER to cure). I suggest this since we are all inside right now and I'm using it to avoid some of the dangers of my curious cat getting into my paintings. For acrylics - Look for a glazing medium and a gel medium. Liquitex and Golden both make them.

  • Easel: There are lots of easel options. Some of them fold up completely and are easy to store. A tabletop one is fine for this class to set up at home. Pick what works for you :) It will be helpful to have your painting upright while you work.

  • Clean-up materials you can find around the house: paper towels or rags, dish soap

  • Optional: old t-shirt to get messy in (or apron if you like), gloves

Feel free to contact me with questions about the course or supplies!

If there's something you want to paint, email suggestions to thetoriparrish@gmail.com.


Class Schedule:

May 7 - Pet portraits with a Honey Lemon Quarantini

This week's Quarantini recipe:

Honey, lemon, vodka or gin, water, optional Emergen-C packet

This week's virgin Quarantini:

Honey, lemon, and ginger beer or gingerale with optional Emergen-C packet


May 14 - View From My Window (Landscape Paintings) with Ina Garten's Cosmos

This week's Quarantini Recipe

May  21 - TBD with Soothing Lavender Gin & Tonic

This week's relaxing Quarantini recipe:

Lavender simple syrup


Tonic water

Rosemary garnish

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