Oil painting of woman with lots of shapes

The Intimacy Maps are an ongoing project of discovery.

In one sexuality mapping exercise, two partners sit down together and ask each other "What does intimacy make you think of?" among other follow up questions. From these answers, the interviewing partner draws a map for the other to explore and develop.  In Intimacy Map No. 1 and Intimacy Map No. 2, I draw inspiration from this exercise as a method for thinking about intimacy and boundaries. In each abstracted intimacy map, color equates to a different emotion, trauma or memory as I create a terrain that both conjures and obscures my image. Some boundaries are blurred, some broken, and some are sharply and brightly rendered. In this diptych, the figures gaze at each other from their respective canvases. This orientation creates a common pictorial world - a safe space - to explore and develop an understanding of intimacy and boundaries. 

Gallery with paintings and sculptures

Intimacy Map No. 1, 2018

44 x 52 in. oil on canvas

The Intimacy Mapping Exercise


 Everyone finds a partner and sits down together. For 10 minutes your partner asks you "What does intimacy make you think of?" and then follow up questions, "What does that make you think of?" As you answer these questions, in as much or as little detail as you want, your partner draws a map of your answers. After 10 minutes you switch and repeat. Once both partners have a map, spend 5 minutes editing your map and adding where you see fit. Story coach says: your map is yours to explore and develop.

Credit to Dr. Brianna Booth, Director of Positive Sexuality, Design & Development at Stanford University

Oil painting of reclining woman in many colors

Intimacy Map No. 1 and No. 2

 Installation view

Intimacy Map No. 2, 2018

24 x 32 in. oil on canvas