Victoria is originally from the Raleigh-Durham area of North Carolina, and now resides and works in Asheville, NC.

Artist's statement

Tori Parrish combines gestures of abstract and figurative painting in an investigation of identity. Exploring the self, presentation, and the intimacy of painting the figure, she plays with de- and reconstruction, appearance and disappearance, and the yonic composition. Primarily using her own body as reference, Parrish severs figures and pieces them back together on color fields, patterned projections, and ambiguous spaces. Drawing on colors and textures that are familiar to her, she integrates aspects of her North Carolinian, queer, and femme identities.



Music Background

I am a classical harpist with over twenty years of experience, and I love working with couples to add a magical touch to their special day. I have a full repertoire of classical and romantic music, and I arrange my own medleys and popular music as well! I have performed in weddings in North Carolina, California and Tennessee and with the Stanford Symphony Orchestra and the American Youth Harp Ensemble. Some of my favorite performances were touring renowned concert halls in Austria including St. Peter's Cathedral and Melk Abbey. Now, I'm based in Asheville, NC and work with students of all ages sharing the joys of the harp. My mentors include: Marjorie Chauvel at Stanford University, Andrea Blanchfield in Raleigh, NC and Jody Guinn in Cleveland, OH. 



Woman sitting at the harp

Pozzoli: Etude No. 2